Lori's Pics 

Lori is one of Glen's best friends and loves to take pictures of her cats!


Lori's pics on Flickr

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Trevor was the best household cat in AACE 2006-7.. Blue mitted 



Tazo was the Best cat in AACE 2006-7

Seal lynx bicolor (and he is a breeder!) 


Seal mitted, breeder (expecting in the pic)

Citra's Kittens  --  Sire is Tazo

Seal lynx mitted male

Citra and two kittens

Seal lynx bicolor female

Seal lynx mitted male


Blue point, breeder (expecting in the pic)

Janie's Kittens  --  Sire is Temptee

Updated: 5/21/08

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